About us

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“Responsive…Flexible…Cosmetic, Skincare Contract Manufacturer, Formulator & Packer, Private Label…extension of your own business…regardless of size”


Australian owned, Pharma Cosmetics is a medium sized cosmetic manufacturer, skincare manufacturer, haircare manufacturer, private label specialized in formulating and cosmetic contract manufacturing of a wide range of cosmetics including natural skincare, haircare, and certified organic products.


Cosmetics we have formulated and produced for our clients are sold locally and being exported to many other countries around the globe, including Europe, America, Russia, South East Asian countries……just to name a few.


Our plant is located in the heart of Silverwater Sydney New South Wales Australia, conveniently less than 30 minutes from the City centre CBD.


Our facility is licensed to the stringent Australian Certified Organic standards, which is recognized internationally.


Inside our environmentally controlled cosmetic manufacturing facilities, you will find the finest cosmetic manufacturing equipment, experienced and diligent chemists ready to assist you.


Pharma Cosmetics runs a fully integrated information system, allowing the full traceability of raw materials, packaging components, and finished goods.


You are always welcome to visit our facilities.