Contract Manufacturing

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The facility is designed to produce a wide variety of products with quality and cleanliness in mind.


Our water is produced by Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology obtaining the best possible quality.


Pharma Cosmetics' dispensing area weighing equipment is calibrated weekly to ensure weighing systems are accurate, achieving the highest level of product consistency between production batches.


Our cosmetic manufacturing area utilizes high quality stainless steel mixing tanks.


Cosmetic manufacturing vessels are 316 stainless steel fully jacketed tanks with low pressure steam for heating and 9 degree chilled water for cooling. Product is heated and cooled at the precise standard and constant rate to ensure the highest quality of finished product.


Cosmetic manufacturing equipment capacity ranges from 200kg to 2,000kg per individual batch.

Our cosmetic manufacturing vessels range from simple atmospheric tanks with propeller and in-line homogenizing capabilities to fully enclosed tank with vacuum, sweep mixing and in-line homogenizing capabilities. All transfers are by sanitary diaphragm air pumps or electric variable speed Positive Displacement pump.


Finished bulk cosmetic product remains in enclosed containers with identification details until it is packed in the state-of-the-art computer controlled filling lines that utilizes both single and two-sided labelling equipment as well as tube filling capabilities.


Pharma Cosmetics ensures that each product meets the company's high standard for quality through many check points from Research & Development to Final Packaging.